Универзитет у Београду – Факултет организационих наука

Универзитет у Београду
Факултет организационих наука

Међународни пројекти

Факултет организационих наука учествује у реализацији великог броја међународних пројеката. У некима се Факултет јавља као координатор, а у некима учествује као партнер на пројекту. Пројекти су финансирани средствима различитих програма, као што су: Tempus, FP7, SEE.ERA, LLP, DCAF, USAID, UNDP, EXCHANGE, EuropeAid, Erasmus+, Horizon Europe и других фондова.

До сада су реализовани или су у току следећи пројекти:

Назив пројекта
USAID/ICT Hub: Serbia Innovates Local FFP-018, 2024
Horizon Europe: Education for Standardisation in the EU – Edu4Standards.EU, 101135705, 2024
UNDP: Research on the Commercialization of work of the National Academy for Public Administration (NAPA), UNDP-SRB-00064, 2023
Erasmus+ project: University to society collaborations for inclusive digital transformation in the Western Balkans – U2SID, 2023
The University of Florida (Algorand Foundation): UF Blockchain Lab, 2022
Council of Europe: Short-term local consultancy services on a Project “Support for the implementation of judicial reform in Serbia”, 2022/AO/4915/C2
Horizon Europe: HSbooster.eu “Standardisation Booster for H2020 & HE research results”, Grant Agreement No. 101058391, 2022
UNDP: Provision of national online IT training programs: New Skills for Emerging Industries – National IT Retraining Programme, RFP 745
Erasmus+ project: Advancing project-based learning into the Digital Era – D-PBL, Reference number: 2021-1-PT01-KA220-HED-000032011
Erasmus+ project: Object Oriented Programming for Fun – OOP4FUN, Reference number: 2021-1-SK01-KA220-SCH-000027903
USAID/DSI project: Venture an Idea, Fixed Amount Award No. DSI/BIF/2021/001
EuropeAid project: Supply of IT equipment, software and ancillary services for Improvement of Centralized Case Management System (CCMS) in courts, Reference number: EuropeAid/140728/DH/SUP/RS, 2021
Erasmus+ project: University to Society Innomediaries in Albania: Co-Production of knowledge and research that matters – U-SIA, Reference number: 617472-EPP-1-2020-1-AL-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP
Erasmus+ project: Accelerating the transition towards Edu 4.0 in HEIs – TEACH4EDU4, Reference number: 2020-1-HR01-KA203-077777
Erasmus+ project: Projectification and Sustainable Governance of Projects – PASGOP, Reference number: 2020-1-IS01-KA203-065833
GIZ project: Development of an ex-post assessment of the effectiveness of Ministry of Interior’s measure on security in schools, Reference number: 83354460, 2020
ONR project: Aggregating computational algorithms and human decision-making preferences in multi-agent settings, Reference number: 1000010365, 2019
Erasmus+ project: Financial Technology and digital innovation to modernise and develop curricula of Vietnamese and Philippines Universities – TRUST, Reference number: 610256-EPP-1-2019-1-IT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP
UNDP project: Serbia at your fingertips – Digital transformation for development Serbia, Reference number: CFR 818, 2018
Erasmus+ project: Interdisciplinary short cycle programs in public policy making and analysis – PPMA, Reference number: 598596-EPP-1-2018-RS-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP
Erasmus+ project: Advanced Data Analytics in Business – ADA, Reference number: 598829-EPP-1-2018-1-RS-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP
UNDP project: Provision of IT training courses – Java training, Reference number: RFP 510, 2017
UNDP project: Provision of IT training courses, Reference number: RFP470, 2017
Erasmus+ project: Information Security Services Education in Serbia – ISSES, Reference number: 586474-EPP-1-2017-1-RS-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP
Erasmus+ project: Financial management, Accounting and Controlling curricula development for capacity building of public administration – FINAC, Reference number: 573534-2016
Tempus project: Improvement of partnership with enterprises by enhancement of a regional quality management potentials in WBC – EQIWBC, Reference number: 543662-2013
LLP project: Grading Soft Skills – GRASS, Reference number: 543029-LLP-1-2013-1-RS-KA3-KA3MP
Tempus project: Towards Sustainable and Equitable Financing of Higher Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia – FINHED, Reference number: 530550-2012
Tempus project: Incoming Interdisciplinary Curricula in Computing to Meet Labor Market Needs – INCOMING, Reference number: 530155-2012
LLP project: Tagging, Recognition and Acknowledgment of Informal Learning ExpeRiences – TRAILER, Reference number: 519141-LLP-1-2011-1-ES-KA3-KA3MP
Tempus project: Enhancing the quality of distance learning at Western Balkan higher education institutions – DL, Reference number: SM 511126-2010
Tempus project: Improvement of Students’ Internship in Serbia – ISIS, Reference number: JP 510985-2010
Tempus project: Production and Profitability improvement in Serbia Enterprises by adopting Lean Thinking Philosophy and strengthening Enterprise – Academia connections – LEANEA, Reference number: JP 511084-2010
Tempus project: Building Capacity for Structural Reform in Higher Education of Western Balkan Countries – STREW, Reference number: SM 511355-2010
DCAF: Reforming Policy Coordination in the Government of Republic of Serbia
WUS Austria: Master Studies Development Program “Motherland-Diaspora Relationship Management”, 2010
Upgrading Competencies of Local Self-government in Municipality of Golubac
Training in Health Service Management in Serbia
Ski Injury Exploratory Analysis from Hospital Discharge Records, 451-03-3095/2014-09/33
SEE-TNC: Venture Initiative in Balkans Europe (VIBE), SEE/D/0238/1.2/X
EFFECT: Dealer Management School – Serbia edition
FP7: Intelligent Learning Extended Organizations – IntelLEO, No. 231590
Tempus project: MSc Curriculum in E-Learning – MSCEL, Reference number: CD_JEP-41016-2006